The No Joke System for Attracting Clients

A few months ago I re-tooled my system for teaching people to attract new clients. It’s a new take on an old approach.

I called it ABDO – Attention-Based Direct Outreach.

And it’s all about proactively reaching out to prospective clients and ultimately turning them into paying clients.

There are a number of things that makes this approach different than what most self-employed professionals do to attract new clients.

Let me count the ways. There are six. Yeah, I know, this is a three-minute-to-read-article. Who has three minutes to read these days?

Maybe you, if your client attracting system isn’t working.

1. Proactive. This means not waiting around for someone to contact you. That’s passive marketing, which is getting your name, face, and message out there, but hoping someone will ultimately contact you.

From your website and newsletter, to networking and speaking, these all become passive when you don’t take any initiative to follow-up or make direct contact with prospective clients.

But proactive marketing is scary. You put yourself out there and see if you can get a conversation or an appointment. For many, this is terrifying because of the possibility of rejection. Such is life.

2. Humor. Using humor in your outreach (especially in your emails) is a great way to break the ice and get attention. Despite its amazing effectiveness, it’s relatively rare. How may emails do you get that incorporate humor of any kind? No, most emails are deadly boring. So they get very low response. Even this one is kinda boring. So I’m proving my point.

We’re in the early weeks of my new ABDO group program, but participants are already sending out humorous emails and they are surprised at the positive response and the willingness of recipients to set up meetings. But no more humor here!

3. Value Proposition. A funny email may get attention, but it won’t get you far if your value proposition is weak. If you’re contacting a prospect, why should they be interested in listening to you? How can you help them? And what are you doing that’s different?

If you don’t clearly articulate all of that in a concise, (but also entertaining email) it’ll get deleted like all the rest.

4. Follow-up Conversations. It’s rare that someone will respond to your email with, “I’m sold! When can we start?” If only. No, the purpose of an outreach email is to generate enough interest that they’ll be willing to speak with you for a minute or two. That’s all. But it’s a lot.

Years ago, I did a lot of speaking engagements. At the end I collected business cards from the participants and then I followed up by both email and phone. I had one simple goal: get a follow-up conversation to see if they both needed some marketing assistance and were open to getting that assistance.

In that call I asked a number of questions and shared about some of the results I’d produced for my clients. I didn’t do any selling. I was preparing the ground for a selling conversation. If they showed enough interest, I’d set up a complimentary Marketing Strategy Session.

5. Marketing Materials. After I’d set up an appointment for a Strategy Session, I’d say. “I have some information about how I work that I’d like to send to you. Can you please take a look at it before we meet for the Strategy Session? It will save us a lot of time and make the Strategy Session more productive.” I sent it along and most would read it. And it did save time in that I had to spend very little time in the Strategy Session talking about my services. I could focus on their needs and goals instead.

6. The Strategy Session. Selling has a bad name. We think of it as manipulative and pushy. But real selling is the exact opposite. It’s mostly asking questions and listening. Where are you now in your business? What are your goals? What are your challenges? How will things change if you overcome those challenges?

I have a colleague who calls this process “Sacred Selling” in that it’s a deeply personal and caring conversation to discover if you can partner with someone to make a difference in their life and business.

Those six steps are the essence of the ABDO system. And despite the Internet, social media, and videos, I’ve found that this system still works the best to attract high-end clients who have big challenges that require a real professional with specialized knowledge and skills.

Yes, it’s wonderful if someone calls you because of positive word-of-mouth. But if you get tired of waiting for the phone to ring, this is the next best thing.

It’s not trendy or even that cool, but it sure does work. And even if you use some humor to get attention on the front end, I promise you it’s no joke.

Cheers, Robert

How to Attract Her on the Phone – Using Humor, Storytelling and Hypnosis

Once you have the phone number of a gorgeous girl, you might do a little victory dance. But hold up! You haven’t called her, so you haven’t actually bagged yourself a date just yet.

Many guys can get phone numbers, but somehow sabotage things with their lack of charm over the phone. If you wish to secure a first date to get the relationship to move ahead, particular things exist that you need to do, so she will not regret giving out her phone number.

3 Ways on How to Seduce Women over the Phone

1 – Be Funny. Making women laugh is a good way to lower her barriers. Whatever connections you established when you saw her in person – emulate it. She needs to laugh right from the beginning. If you have to make a joke out of yourself to get her to laugh, do it, but try not to go too far. Remain in the mentality of an alpha male, even during the use of this technique.

2 – Tell Stories. Make use of stories for her entertainment, hopefully those that say something about you. It would be important for her to relate to what you have to say. Monitor every reaction to find out what exactly works for her. Stop at the peak of the story and let her know that she can hear the rest at your date. Although this might be a bit annoying, she will get psyched for the upcoming date.

3 – Make Use of Fractionation. Make use of hypnotic talking tactics to build an attraction. One method is known as fractionation and can get her quickly attracted to you. After talking, she will feel emotionally attached and may not want to hang up anymore. It would be the greatest way to make sure she wants that date.

The Law of Attraction Has a Sense of Humor

Over my life I have experimented and used The Law of Attraction or Manifestation many times to try to bring things into my life or fix problems. By using the power of prayer, visualization, meditation and a bunch of other techniques I have attempted to solve relationship problems, financial hardship and even just messed around to see if I could bring about a desired outcome. Sometimes the stakes were high, such as when trying to manifest cold hard cash to keep from having the lights turned off. Other times it was just for fun, such as an experiment to see if I could bring an old girlfriend back into my life or to get all green lights on the way to work.

I will tell you that as I sit here writing I don’t think there has been a time when I haven’t seen some sort of change thanks to using the Law of Attraction. Many times the results were exactly what I had desired and other times the results were almost comical in how circumstances played out, but every time there was a manifestation in some form of what I had visualized.

Recently I tried using the Law of Attraction to manifest more sales and boost my income. My goal was to hit a very modest dollar amount so I visualized that dollar amount in my checking account. I tried to make it as real as possible as I meditated upon receiving the check with the desired amount written upon it and tried taking it a step further.

As a salesman, I know that statistically about one in ever four customers that I talk to on the phone winds up resulting in a sale. Soon my analytical mind went to work calculating how many customers I had to talk to a day to reach that sales goal. It seemed a bit overwhelming but statistics and cold hard math just make sense to me and I moved on with my daily visualizations as I prepared myself to receive the desired income while wondering where all these customers were going to come from and how I was going to manage all those phone calls. I knew that my boss would be happy with my call stats, if nothing else!

This is where the funny part comes in. Now, you might be asking if I managed to hit my sales goal. The answer is no but I did hit the desired number of calls! Due to some sort of crazy fluke in our phone system at work I began receiving an astronomical number of phone calls which when added up would have allowed me to hit my sales goal! Of course, the majority of them were from fax machines.

I laugh now and look upon this as a learning experience. Many of you might think that it was just a random coincidence that all of this played out in the manner that it did but there is little doubt in my mind that the Universe heard my request for a certain number of phone calls that should have resulted in the desired number of sales and it responded. The problem was not with the universal Law of Attraction, it was with me and my focus. I sort of put the Law of Attraction in a box and was a bit too limiting in my thoughts of what it could do or how this money might come to me. It gave me what I desired and manifested what I had asked for and what I believed could actually happen instead of just letting go and allowing the details to work themselves out.

I am still laughing but, for me, this is just another in a series of experiences that I have had that prove to me that the Law of Attraction does work and that I do receive what I ask for and what I do believe. The problem is going to be opening up my limiting mind to the possibility of what I believe is possible.