Why Invest in Laughter

1. It is impossible to worry while you’re laughing.

2. Humor cuts stress levels in half.

3. Laughing helps you to stay happy and healthy and helps you return to good health when ill.

4. Laughter increases, by 20%, the activity of killer cells within the body which serve to destroy viruses and tumor cells.

5. Train yourself to look for the comedy in your chaos.

6. A sense of humor is the number one survival skill.

7. George Bernard Shaw once said, “When you find something funny search it for hidden truth.”

8. “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” Voltaire

9. Humor helps us cope, conquer, and carry on.

10. A good laugh is not only the result of humor, it is often also the cause.

11. The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.

12. The best exercise is jumping for joy.

13. “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” C.S. Lewis

14. We begin to solve our problems when we begin to see the humor in them.

15. “Time spent laughing is time spent with the gods.” Japanese proverb

16. When we feel like laughing the least , we need it most.

17. If it feels good to laugh, then laugh to feel good.

18. A sense of humor is not inherited, it is learned.

Do Seniors Appreciate a Good Laugh?

Do seniors have a sense of humor?

Yes and No!

No, if you have children who badger you endlessly to buy them the latest in personal electronic instruments, i.e., iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

Yes, but in ways younger people cannot understand or misinterpret.

For example, Jennifer Stanley, a psychology professor at the University of Akron, Ohio, did a study on people of various ages by showing them different sitcom clips and asked them to rate the “funniness” of each.

Her findings?

Elderly participants didn’t find the aggressive type of humor – laughing at the expense of others – funny.

What made them laugh was affiliative humor – jokes that bring people together through a funny or awkward situation.

Jennifer posited that this is probably their way of coping with their losses as a result of aging – physical and emotional setbacks, declining cognitive faculties, and loss of friends who passed away.

In another study, Brian Carpenter, a psychology professor, theorized that because of the decline in their cognitive faculties, seniors may have a harder time understanding what the joke is about.

This story illustrates Carpenter’s point:

An elderly gentleman and a young whippersnapper were sitting in a bar counter when the bartender cracked a wry joke.

Only the young guy laughed.

When he left, the old guy lets out a howl of laughter.

The bartender was confused and wondered what gives.

The elderly, it turned out, found the joke funny but didn’t get it immediately.

What these studies show is that elderly people have a sense of humor. They just have a different taste or may not see the punch line immediately.

In a sense this is good for the world.

Can you imagine if the approximately 876 million people aged 65+, worldwide, could no longer find humor in life? It will be like having a second Ice Age – the world will be very cold.

Without the glowing smile of seniors, life would be less colorful, without their boisterous laughter, a grave would be merrier.

And on the personal side, what can a good laughter do for the elderly?

For starters, if it doesn’t make them live longer, it will make them die happier.

And here’s more:

Benefits of a good sense of humor:

A good laughter makes you feel good. And it is contagious.

Studies upon studies show that laughing is good for the health. But we don’t need to pore over scientific documents to see how uplifting good laughter is.

On specific ways, laughter is…

1. Like an anti-oxidant:

A good laughter relieves stress, one of the major culprits in the body’s production of free radicals – those microscopic fellas which could do untold damage to your body.

With stress taken out of the picture, your body can manufacture more anti-oxidants which help in boosting your immune system.

On top of that, laughter decreases your stress hormones, like cortisol, epinephrine, and adrenalin which are known to constrict blood vessels, affecting their function.

2. A pain killer:

Laughter induces your body to produce endorphins, a powerful chemical that reacts with brain receptors making it reduce or block pain.

Having aches and pains? Roar in laughter!

3. An exercise for the internal organs:

Have you ever experienced spasms in your abdomen after a very long laughing session with friends?

That’s because your tummy muscles were given a vigorous exercise. You might even get a 6 pack abs if you keep it often enough.

4. A good way to make your day:

A smile, a little laughter shared with family and friends go a long way in making your day more pleasant and joyful.

5. A good emotional relief valve:

That little cover with a small hole covering a kettle spout, the whistler, serves a more noble purpose than let you know that the water is boiling – it relieves pressure.

Laughter is your “whistler,” to help you remove some pressures from depression, anger, frustrations, grief, etc. I am sure you know how it feels after laughing these off.

6. Good for the heart:

Laughter expands your lungs and increases oxygen levels in the body, which in turn,

stimulates the heart.

7. Good for increasing memory, alertness and learning:

A study at John Hopkins University Medical School showed that when humor was introduced before taking a test, students who had a good laugh scored higher.

It did not say if they studied more.

On the social side, a good sense of humor helps in:

1. Strengthening relationships;

2. Attracting others to you;

3. Enhancing teamwork and cooperation;

4. Defusing conflicts;

5. Promoting group bonding.

While tons of data show that laughter is good for the health and relationships, adults poor fairly in the sense of humor department. While children are known to laugh at least 400 times a day, adults could barely manage 20 smiles.

So how can you improve this?

These may sound outlandish but they are worth trying;

o Occupy your thoughts with things or situations that make you laugh

o Think of people who can make fun out of any situation;

o See a funny movie, read a funny book, subscribe to websites that send you jokes for the day;

o Go to a children’s playground and laugh with the children;

o Count your blessings;

o Or just plain looking at yourself in the mirror and smile. It lifts your mood and keeps wrinkles away.

Arthur Ward said, “A well-developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.”

And when you are well past your 60s, life is like walking a tightrope. You can trip and fall anytime.

So smile, be happy and have a good laugh. That is the safety net that can break your fall.

A Free Natural Medicine Which is also Your Strongest, Most Abundant, and Easiest to Use

We’ve all heard, haven’t we, that a 40-year-old was considered elderly in the past? With America’s aging population, why wouldn’t we take advantage of reasons to count ourselves lucky to live beyond 40? After all, as little as 200 years ago the average life span in North America was 37 years. But the idea that anyone over 40 back then is a misinterpretation of statistical data. I’ll explain why in a moment…

Natural medicine is a hot topic. There are more than enough websites, newsletters, and products offering solutions to your ailments to keep you busy for a year investigating them. The advent of the Internet has made it easier than ever to research and try alternative or adjunctive treatments. You no longer need to an entire afternoon waiting in a doctor’s office to remedy many of your symptoms because reliable, reputable purveyors of proven natural medicines are all around you.

Luckily for you, you already possess the most powerful natural medicine on earth. You carry this medicine around in your own chemistry and its benefits are unparalleled. While I would never recommend that you discard traditional medicine (I am a medical doctor, for goodness sake!), I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that maximizing the amazing, free natural medicine of humor can solve a wide array of medical and personal problems.

No other doctor in the world has the credentials I have to teach you about this particular application of the free natural medicine of humor. Having discovered the power of humor twenty-five years ago while working with a terminally-ill cancer patient, I have spent more than two decades researching, fine-tuning, and prescribing humor in an amazingly diverse array of personal and medical applications. You will soon discover that you can use the free natural medicine of humor to skyrocket your relationships, your career, your stress management, your weight loss, your mental health, your fitness program, your parenting, your sexual health and more, because humor is powerful, abundant, free, and always accessible to you.

After decades of research, I can teach you how to turn on humor’s amazing power as easily as flicking on a light switch. From working as a performing comedian on the national Comedy Caravan tour to developing intimate, working relationships with great humor/practitioners like famous comedian Jerry Lewis, I have learned how you can infuse your personal and professional life with such an amazing level of resilience and energy that you will feel reborn – no matter how successful you are now!

In this article I will outline the three main reasons that the free natural medicine of humor is far superior to any other medicine, natural or otherwise.

Humor Is Powerful

Humor is a staggeringly powerful free natural medicine. This vibrant, endless resource packs a wallop in at least ten proven, documented areas of health and wellness. You will never find such a comprehensive list of benefits from any other medicine and keep in mind, with this medicine, you will experience no side effects, nor will you ever have to purchase refills – you’ll only need to be reminded to use it.

I have researched and documented the following ten effects of using the free natural medicine of humor (if you’d like to read the research, contact me throughmy website). Can you imagine how much money the pharmaceutical companies would pay for the rights to a drug with these effects – and no side effects? The free natural medicine of humor:

Reduces your stress,

stimulates your immune system,

relieves your pain,

rests your brain,

stabilizes your mood,

decreases your anxiety,

enhances your communication,

inspires your creativity,

maintains your hope, and

bolsters your morale.

I have watched my patients use the free natural medicine of humor to:

Overcome fatal cancer diagnoses,

enhance the pleasure of their life by learning to paint and draw,

lose their depression,

form lasting relationships with mentors that open doors of employment and promotion,

get back to exercising regularly,

experience a very fulfilling sex life,

lose the spare tire around their midsection,

lower their blood pressure,

fall in love with their spouse all over again,

land their dream job,

bound out of bed with an energy and enthusiasm they thought was lost with childhood,

overcome shyness and attract positive social attention at parties,

and so much more!

Not using your humor to its fullest potential is like owning a Porsche that you only drive to the corner grocery once a week! Humor has so much more value than a recreational tool! And the good news for all of us is, no matter how well you are using your sense of humor for health, success, vitality, and wellness, you can always learn use it more effectively! The free natural medicine of humor is so powerful because it never runs out!

Humor Is Abundant And Free

Humor, as you will learn, is everywhere you look and as abundant as trees or water. We can never run out of humor, or use it up, because humor perpetuates itself as we engage it; when we look for humor, we find it and vice versa. In other words, when you use the natural medicine of humor you won’t find that your reservoir of humor is merely quickly refilled, you will find that you always have more than you started with.

Humor is also always free; this natural medicine has no co-pays and no deductibles. Yes, it takes practice and some discipline to maximize its amazing power, but humor’s natural medicine will remain at your beck and call, regardless of your financial circumstances. Unlike other things that are free, however, humor’s value to your health, wellness, and success is incalculable.

How exciting it is to know that the most impactful medicine in the world is also the one most readily available and accessible to you. Once you are familiar with my Fun Commandments, which you can learn for free on my website, you are set for life – especially after I reveal the last reason that humor is far superior to any known medicine.

Humor Is An Attitude, Not An Action

The best part of using the free natural medicine of humor, for many people, is that you can do it whether or not you’re a funny person capable of telling jokes and making others laugh. Don’t worry if you’re “not funny” or are not the “life of the party”; you do not need to be funny to use the natural medicine of humor because humor is an attitude, not an action.

As you internalize my Fun Commandments, you will see that the benefits come almost entirely from your own shifting paradigms and not your outward actions. You will encounter many situations where everyone else is (literally) “deathly serious” and jokes would be inappropriate, but you will still be infused with an amazing, private energy because you will be smiling on the inside! You may never become good at making other people laugh; yet you will be laughing with yourself everyday because your spirit has been transformed by the free natural medicine of humor.

I’m sure you’re realizing the implications of humor as an attitude rather than an action. First, you are always in control of your attitudes; simply by intently focusing on my Fun Commandments you will find yourself brimming with opportunities to capitalize on humor’s natural power. Second, although jokes and laughter are sometimes not appropriate, having a light attitude always is – regardless of your circumstances. After some practice you will be filled with energy, creativity, zest, and vitality during circumstances that would’ve ordinarily drained and defeated you!

My unique prescription, The Fun Factor, unlocks the free natural medicine of humor and is one prescription that refills itself daily, especially when you are receiving my newsletter, The Fun Times. The Fun Times has the largest circulation of any newsletter in its industry and serves as a strong weekly reminder to use humor’s power throughout your personal and professional life.

By the way, two thousand years ago our average North American life span was only 23 years! But that cannot mean that people who exceeded the average life span were considered old. The average life span is determined by the ages of all those who die, and that figure is drastically impacted by the rate of infant mortality.

Thus, as infant mortality rates have dropped (which they have steadily for hundreds of years), the average life span has increased. Most deaths, after all, have always clustered around two age groups: under one year of age and over 75 years of age.

Don’t just increase the length of your life, increase the quality of it too! Start using my Fun Factor prescription to infuse your life with the free natural medicine of humor today!