Oxymoron: Politically Correct Sense of Humor

A certain politically incorrect comedian begins getting a lot of attention, because this comedian starts sharing funny, politically incorrect opinions. This comedian begins the process of getting everyone to be aware that EVERYONE was fair game to be made fun of regardless of their “protected” class, power, fame, or money! Starting slowly, the trend began to develop. Everyone began to want to enjoy having opinions and laughing at everyone else like the politically incorrect comedian did.

Everyone began to see that having politically incorrect opinions and laughing at how seriously everyone took everything, was worth more than all the money, fame, and power in the entire world. Having opinions that involved laughing at everything that was politically incorrect could make you so healthy, too! Politically incorrect comedy and having your own politically incorrect opinions could even make you enjoy your food and beverages so much that the need for drugs, sleep and even sex was reduced because people could now have QUALITY food, sleep, and sex experiences instead of QUANTITY food, sleep, and sex experiences!

In the fall of 2011, the world’s pharmaceutical companies, the medical establishment and the military industrial complexes and the corporations, etc., saw the risk that this new trend had for the status quo and they all got together with their powerful lobbyists to influence politicians and so the WORLD HUMOR OPINION ADMINISTRATION (WHOA) was secretly formed. WHOA would determine strategies to use to prevent that comedian and others that were politically incorrect from remaining free to do politically incorrect humor. WHOA had a mission to prevent that comedy from influencing others. WHOA wanted to prevent people from becoming inconveniently funny and thus intractable, otherwise people might opt out of “getting with the program”, they might also opt out of “getting in line,” consuming, etc., and “horrors of horrors”, they might even become free!

WHOA began investigating all politically incorrect comedians. WHOA learned comedians really “took off” being politically incorrect as a result of hearing about a certain teacher who was about to be fired because she had used Facebook to state an OPINION!. It became clear to these comedians when anyone could be demonized for their opinion, then there was little, if anything to lose, so the comedians started doing politically incorrect comedy.

Due to this politically incorrect comedy, it became clear to the WORLD HUMOR OPINION ADMINISTRATION that just squelching opinions was insufficient, because opinions, if they were allowed to emerge, might be a source for HUMOR. For, it was discovered, that just with an opinion, anyone’s opinion, a comedian could turn the opinion around, therefore UPSETTING THE ENTIRE WORLD! So naturally, to save the world from this new CURSE, namely politically incorrect comedy, all opinions AND all comedy had to be squelched, and the HUMOR OPINION POLICE, under the direction of the 2012 WORLD HUMOR OPINION ADMINISTRATION, had to shut down ALL comedy and all opinion EVERYWHERE.

Just before midnight on December 31, 2011, suspecting what might occur coinciding with the APOCAPLYTIC Mayan 2012 date, alternative comics and the few who still had their opinions instead of their opinions having them, and those few who still had their sense of humor intact were gathered by the ghost of Groucho Marx. They were somewhere in Alabama, near (where the) Tusksaloosa; they huddled deciding their strategy to re-introduce comedy and opinion back to the world.

They decided to begin with determining that humor and owning ones opinion is relative instead of absolute, and thus can only be relatively, instead of absolutely, “owned”. Similarly, they considered that even owning ones own personality is also a relative idea, because hardly anyone “has” their own personality, because most of us are illusions to ourselves, and so personality “owns” us. They determined that the idea of “owning” anything is an illusion, (“the owning illusion”) and that owning anything is the funniest subject of all humor everywhere, and for all time and in all space, too!. They determined that even humor and opinion are illusions and that humor and opinion, as illusions, must be relative, and merely relatively funny! ABSOLUTE HUMOR, they determined, can exist only if and when the humor makes you laugh and cry simultaneously. They decided that is EXACTLY what the world needs, as they all proceeded to laugh and cry hysterically!

Funny Online Greeting Cards – Show Them You Have a Sense of Humor

Have you ever been to the greeting card section of a store and been dissatisfied with the selection? Or spent a large amount of time reading all of the ones that you possibly could and still couldn’t find one that captured the sentiment that you were looking to get across? Looking for cards can be very frustrating when you have something in mind and simply can’t locate anything that says what you are trying to say. Buying a card has always been a great answer to smoothing over a rough spot in a relationship, the best way to send holiday wishes or let someone know that you are thinking about them- but what happens when you don’t come across the right one?

Many people know that laughter is a great way to de-stress, and what better way to brighten up someone’s day, wish them a happy birthday or wonderful holiday than sharing some humor with them? The selection of humorous cards in stores is lacking, to say the least- with so many different types of humor, finding one that fits the sense of humor of the recipient can be tough. One can always find bathroom humor cards, dry humor cards and ones that joke about everyday things, but many times these are tied to one specific event – like a birthday.

What if one needs a humorous card for Father’s Day but the one they like says Happy Birthday? The great news is that one can locate funny online greeting cards in any style of humor possible. Stores only stock the most common sorts of cards, but one can find anything – even the most obscure things – via the internet. Additionally, if they can’t easily locate something that tickles their funny bone, it is simple to create a personalized card in which they can write anything that they choose!

Even the least creative individuals have found that creating funny online greeting cards is better than spending time (and money) purchasing a card that is not exactly what they intended’. Settling for the ‘good enough’ isn’t necessary when creating the perfect funny online greeting cards – for free – is an option! From templates to ready made text to quotes to animations, one can find just about anything that they can think of when they choose to make an e-card. People who have little experience with the computer have little to worry about, as online e-cards are simple enough for a technologically void individual to create.

Sense Of Priceless Humor

The power of good humor or priceless humor is unlimited. Humor can develop your wisdom and let ones

face life optimistically. Humor can help make your life colorful and enhance your confidence. Your sense of humor can even “spread” to the people around and make their lives joyful.

Humor is everywhere, every time, it is like the flowers blooming in every corner of our planet and add beauty and fragrance to our lives.

A word of humor can make the stalled negotiation revived…

A word of humor can also dissolved the tensed atmosphere…

A word of humor will allow you to become a focus of attention…

A word of humor can also allow first meeting of the opposite sex have a good impression of you…

Last but not least, a word of humor can even get you sympathy and love from others.

Here is a story:

A kid asked a cinema ticket seller: “Madam, how much is one ticket?”

Ticket seller: “10 dollars, Kid.”

Kid replied: “Madam, I have only 5 dollars with me. Please let me in and I will use only one eye to view the show.”

The kid’s Innocent humor, may win the hearty smile of the ticket seller and let him get into the cinema.

This is the effect of the power of humor!

In life, everyone will want to communicate with others and to demonstrate superior wisdom of humor. But in the actual fact many people lacked the humorous capability.

A gentleman who is generally reserved and serious in character, work in an enterprise as a manpower and resource manager. One of his job nature is to deal with many people everyday. Once upon a time, a

subordinate made a joke in his departmental meeting with the intention of making the atmosphere lively. But due to his seriousness and lack of sense of humor, everybody dare not laugh. Gradually, he was

misunderstood and mistaken to be rude, arrogant and to lack affinity. All of these have bought him to a great trouble and he will have to continue withstanding the stress and pressure.

An introvert as a female tour guide, will always be worried about not being to able to make joke to her tour group to relax the tense atmosphere. Once upon a time, a tourist joked with her with obviously no malice, but she reacted tensely and exposed her unnatural facial expression, which resulted in the tourist’s embarrassment and finally spoiled the entire atmosphere because of her lack of sensibility of humor.

Like the manpower resource manage and the tour guide, many people are aspired to transform themselves into a humorous person, but not everyone can do so. The ability of humor can only be acquired through the ongoing and continuous effort. Nobody in the world on human nature automatically come with a sense of humor after born. Humor require certain skills, however, it is the skill of humorous ability that can be acquired through the constantly learning in life.

One of the effective way to learn and cultivate humor is frequently through good humor comics and funny

jokes reading. By doing so, you will not only please yourself by laughing at the humor comics, and will also be infected and stimulated by the flash of wisdom in humor. Sooner or later, you will find that your attitude towards the life changed gradually. Moreover, you will make some small jokes in normal casual

conversations, by then, priceless humor has already started to plant its seeds in your heart.